Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Guidelines for recruiting new members

1. Kuting will open a maximum of 10 slots and a
minimum of 6 slots to sponsored applicants.

2. Any active Kuting member may sponsor applicants
who are willing to commit themselves to the

3. Should you have anyone in mind, please send her
resume to acelgar@yahoo.com or email them to
Zarah. We will accommodate apllicants on a first
come first served basis.

4. There is no tedious screening process required to
qualify as an applicant. We trust that the Kuting
members will only sponsor those who really want to
write for children (with or withoutr experience)
and are willing to devote their time for the

5. To become full pledged Kuting members the
applicants must attend at least 6 GAs (6 months),
participate in at least 3 special events/projects
of the organization and submit an unpublished,
original manuscript for workshop. After completing
all these, they will be inducted as new members of

6. Deadline for expressing your intention to sponsor
an applicant is by October 15, 2006. Hopefully the
sponsored applicants will be able to join us
during the October GA.

Thank you and happy recruiting!

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