Sunday, January 28, 2007

Plans plans and more plans

Last GA proved to be a very productive meeting with a lof the members and probees attending. Special thanks to Perpi for the house and the juice and the hospitality and to Zara for the cake. We had a lot to talk about such as the Singapore experience of Lalaine, the Children and Media workshop I will be conducting for Kuting on Feb and March, the probee requirements for manuscript workshops, contests and workshops to attend and latest gossips about the members.

Next month I will be conducting a workshop on Children and Media and will have a video showing as well as give some techiniques in mapping storylines and scripts. I have some of the videos with me and at KNN and I have some handouts to reproduce.

For February we will also have a manuscript workshop and I also volunteered so that I can revise for Canvas. I haven't received any comments yet from Augie or Heidi so I might as well give a copy to the org and get their comments. I hope I win.

There is also the Bagets and the super mega launch of the Kuting individual titles. Hopefully by March or April. UP Press is going to have theirs on Feb and we will be part of it as well. Sales are doing well and we hope that teachers will require their students to read them.

Lalaine is also requiring her students to organize a children's literature conference and we would be invited. I hope to talk or to react. The Educ people are always nice and accomodating. I had a talk with them twice last year and I had fun showing them old photographs in a powerpoint presentation. They treated me to lunch at the Old Spaghetti House. Augie and Cynthia and Heidi were also there.

We have planned out most of the year up to October. We are also planning a tie up with the Dumaguete people to have children's workshop and go to Dumaguete. That's very exciting and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I have never been to Dumaguete and I'd love to see the place and the people and eat their food. Ian is a good friend of Kuting and has always been active in supporting our goals.

So other stuff to watch out for : Teatrong Mulat and Kuting partnership, Kuting merchandising, more books by Kuting members, and the Palancas.

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